July 2018
Music by Jacques Offenbach
Libretto by Ludovic Halevy
New translation for this production by Morag Joss
Director/Designer Morag Joss
Conductor James Sherlock
Duzzwadeva: Raphaela Papadakis
Kekikako: Andrew Henley
Kokoriko: Jan Capinski
Duzzephal: Jack Roberts
Narrator - Paul Ham

Offenbach’s first significant critical and commercial success, Ba-ta-clan, with its frankly ridiculous plot, was applauded for its swiping commentary on French political life in the nineteenth century, wrapped in some of the composer’s most charming and tuneful music. This new production reunites the creative team behind ‘Rita’, so greatly admired in our 2017 Season, and once again presents a brand new libretto written by director Morag Joss. Her new version offers a fresh and irreverent view of Grand Opera, which was also a target of the original Ba-ta-clan’s satire.